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Whether a home, barn, or commercial building, timber framing accommodates a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Timber Frame Homes

Building timber frame homes is at the heart of our business. Since 1976, we have been building beautiful show piece homes out of a variety of species including, but not limited to, Douglas Fir, Red Oak, White Oak, Western Red Cedar, Port Offered Cedar, Cyprus, White Pine, and recycled timbers using the finest craftsmanship and design. Visit Our Timber Frame Homes Gallery to view some of our beautiful homes.

Barns and Stables

Barns and stables were meant to be timber frame structures, giving these buildings a great feeling of history and the outdoors. We enjoy creating these structures and have worked with clients to build classic, impressive out buildings that enhance the land around them. Visit Our Barns & Stables Gallery to view some of these tremendous buildings.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial does not have to mean boring. We have worked with architects to bring the beauty of timber framing into commercial buildings. If you are looking to have your commercial building make a statement, talk to us about incorporating timber frame construction into your design. Please see Our Commercial Buildings Gallery highlighting some of these remarkable structures.

One-of-a-Kind Structures

Not all buildings fit into a specific category. When you need a timber frame structure unlike any other, South County is your source. Our unique creations include chapels, pergolas, an ice house, and a music pavilion, all designed to the client's specifications. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Take a look at some of our One-of-a-Kind Projects.

Eastern Influence

It is the beauty of Asian design that has caused an insurgence into American homes and décor.Timber frames open the door for spatial arrangements that emphasize simplicity and harmony with the environment. Our Eastern Influence Gallery highlights samples of some of these elegant structures.

Historical Restoration

Restoration of antique structures is one of the most exciting things that we do. We have rejuvenated and brought back to life many nearly extinct buildings. Always first considering the historical significance, a thoughtful design is then established so that none of the old charm is sacrificed. With updated systems and modern kitchen and bathroom conveniences incorporated, a bit of the past makes its way into the future. Often times a new timber frame addition or home is integrated into what remains of an old building. Visit Our Restoration Gallery to view some of our restoration projects.



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